Branch AGM 2012 – The Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Jams & the new Digital Revolution

Speaker: Les Ashton-Smith, Managing Director, Heber Ltd

Date: Thursday, 20th September @ 7:00 PM Networking and Refreshments from 6:30

AGM Agenda

1. Apologies for absence

2. Resignation of outgoing committee and committee reports

3. Chair’s Review

4. Presentation of BCS Prize to winning student

5. Discussion on future direction of branch

6. Call for Nominations for “Chair”

7. Nominations for Chair.

8. New chair takes over, and a similar process of address and nomination etc. continues for other committee posts.

9. New chair may then wish to say something more about “new direction”, with further discussion.

9. Computing at Schools update – John Palmer

10. The Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Jams, and the new digital revolution – Richard Horne, Commercial & Technical Manager, Heber Ltd

11. AOB (items previously raised)