Quantum Computing – 16th October – University of Worcester (Combined IOP/IET/BCS)

Event Title: The emergence of quantum computers: Technology and societal implications
Speaker: Prof. Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies
Location: University of Worcester
Date: Tuesday 16th October 2018
Time: 19:00 for 19:30
Room: Now confirmed EE G089
Booking Link: https://hw16oct18.eventbrite.co.uk

Networking and Refreshments from 19:00

Computers built with quantum technology (a quantum computer) may fundamentally change what a computer may be able to accomplish. Many problems are so complicated that even the fastest supercomputer would currently take millions of years to provide an answer. Optimising financial transactions, machine learning, creating new medicines, understand protein folding and breaking codes are just some of the problems where the existence of a quantum computer could change everything.

At the University of Sussex we are in the process of constructing a practical quantum computer utilizing ultracold trapped charged atoms. I will give an overview of our work and I will also explain the phenomena that give rise to such a massive increase in computational power. The abilities of quantum computing will have significant societal implications. I will discuss foreseeable societal implications, speculate on unforeseen ones and I will discuss what ethical considerations should be taken and how one could imagine addressing these.