C3 – Cyber Credibility Crisis

Title: C3 – Cyber Credibility Crisis

Speaker: Andrea Simmons, Managing Director, Simmons Professional Services Ltd

Location: University of Worcester, Room EE 1057
Date: Tuesday April 4th
Time: 18:30 for 19:00
Networking and Refreshments from 18:30

Event Details: Following the completion of PhD research into the changing landscape of Information Assurance (IA) understanding in the face of the growth of cyber security, this presentation will focus on the findings relating to professionalism in the context of an extremely active year (2016) of breaches, data losses, exposures, company embarrassments – to an eye watering scale. How is it that we find ourselves continually repeating the requirements, year in and year out, and yet the scale of these data breaches is not diminishing. Is it time that we did some soul searching with a view to revisiting our approach? This and other philosophical questions will be asked – and some will be answered!

Speaker Profile: Andrea runs her own consultancy service providing strategic C-level information assurance, security and governance related advice. Andrea is loath to relabel this as cyber security consultancy…! Andrea is an experienced information governance, risk and compliance (GRC) specialist with expertise in designing and delivering Data Protection/EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) and Freedom of Information (FoI), Information Assurance (IA), Records Management and Information Security management programmes, training content, strategy and planning. Andrea was responsible for both the creation of and the delivery of the ISA programme that was rolled out nationwide to all the offices of the UK HMRC following their significant breach in 2007. Andrea is author of two practical information security books, Achieving Best Practice in Public Sector Information Security and Once more unto the Breach – Managing Information Security in an uncertain world. This second book is referred to by a number of UK universities as part of their cyber security training programs, particularly as it contains a helpful 12 month ISA planner approach.