Joint Event with BCS Open Source SG – Make a Shrimp for Halloween (Workshop)

The BCS Open Source SG and BCS H&W Branch are holding a joint workshop, as follows:

Date: 29th October
Time: 17:30 for 18:00 to 20:30
Venue: EE2021, St Johns Campus, University of Worcester

Full Details and Booking is at:

The Shrimp is an incredibly fun, low cost computer that can be built and programmed by just about anyone, in only a few hours and with no prior experience of electronics or programming. Comprising of a simple circuit that is assembled from a handful of components, it can quickly be made to flash LEDs and put to use in exciting projects that have switches, sensors and outputs.
During this workshop participants will first construct the basic Shrimp circuit, before programming it to blink a single LED, and then go onto a more advanced project – such as adding more LEDs and programming it to paint letters in the air with these as it is waved about (using a phenomenon termed persistence of vision). At the end of the evening, teams will demonstrate the fruits of their labours to each other and there may well be some Halloween Treats to share around as a reward!