Technology driven behaviour change using mobile devices

Speaker: Dr Christopher Bowers
Location: Cotswold Suite, St. Johns Campus, University of Worcester
Date: 25th February 2015 @ 19:00

Networking & Refreshments from 18:30

Introducing new technology inherently changes the way people behave. Often there are unintended consequences. Technology driven behaviour change looks to inform the design of our interactions with an aim to direct these behaviour changes in a useful and positive way. However, many of our behaviours become habituated, especially around our use of technology. These kinds of behaviour are robust to interventions. This seminar will highlight this challenge and discuss the potential of technology to identify the formation and existence of these habits and how we might use technology to intervene and ‘break’ existing undesirable habits and perhaps even promote good habits.

Chris is an academic with 11 years experience of teaching and scholarship in the area of Intelligent Interactive Systems. His work bridges the two domains of Human-Computer Interaction and Computational Intelligence but he retains a particular focus on Mobile and Ubiquitous systems.